Suggested Read: Against the Gods by Peter Bernstein

Interesting read. Who knew there was such a rich history to critical decision making, probability forecasting and risk taking? The book is packed with economic and sociological theory, financial equations, statistical analysis, names, dates and places, but it is all fascinating and the book is extraordinarily well written — full of stories and metaphors and […]

I Fear Marketers’ Self-Love Is Getting in the Way of Serving Consumers

Marketers talk a lot about listening to the consumer and providing the custom-content consumers crave, precisely when they want it. We cleverly insert key words, tested visuals, emotional stories, buttons and links…. And then we sit back, gleefully counting clicks. I have a problem with this. It really hit me at the Heath Summit of […]

To Read or Not to Read…. What Would You Do?

Book clubs are slippery slopes. They start off in one direction and then slowly evolve into something else. And pretty soon, you find yourself reading books you have absolutely zero interest in. And the stack of books you do want to read just keeps getting higher and wider. I’ve taken a few approaches to this […]