Is it really possible someone could be this ignorant?

I’m speechless.

Suburbs, love your core city.

We are only as good as she. This is the moment we decide, finally, whether we will do what it takes to restore the lake’s beauty and provide access to all of her people. To build walkways and bike trails, bridges and parks. Affordable homes, restaurants, hotels and stores (kudos, Heinen’s). Or not. Lake Erie […]

We’re a cliche, fellow babyboomers.

We spent what…maybe 30 or more years on the job… learning the ropes, kissing behinds, and paying our dues? Only to discover — when it came coasting time at around age 50 — there’s no such thing as on-the-job coasting any more. Wha?! Well, that was my first reaction. I don’t really question it so […]