The Unfortunate Thing About Ghosts

These days, I’m enjoying ghost-writing op-eds, scripts and speeches and solving (behind the scenes) dilemmas that affect organizations’ reputations. Much of what I do is considered proprietary or confidential, and my clients prefer my behind-the-curtain involvement not be known. I don’t get the byline or the credit. And that is absolutely OK with me. The joy, for me, comes in meeting new people, learning new things, doing good work and helping achieve meaningful results.

But every now and then, even after 40+ decades in the biz, someone wants to see the pudding. I get it. So if you’re curious about what I’ve been doing lately, let’s talk. I’m pleased to share what I can, talk through what I can’t, and introduce you to a happy customer or two.

Meanwhile, there are some not-too-dated work samples and references on the site.

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