I’m Beth. My forever-love is writing. The graceful, honest, relevant kind. Good writing moves people. Enlightens them. Connects them. Changes their minds and hearts in significant ways.

That’s why, after decades in the agency business, I formed Beth.LLC, a communications practice focused on mission-critical writing. I help smart, socially responsible organizations advance their goals through sound, research-informed business thinking; creative problem-solving; meaningful connections; and (ultimately) brilliant, insightful prose. Prose that tell stories, build brands and strengthen relationships.

You may be interested to know, Beth.‘s work with global brands and small- and mid-sized innovators has produced stunning results for clients and has been repeatedly recognized on the national stage.

I encourage you to ask people who have worked with me what they think. Or better yet, let’s meet!


The Unfortunate Thing About Ghosts

These days, I’m enjoying ghost-writing op-eds, scripts and speeches and solving (behind the scenes) dilemmas that affect organizations’ reputations. Much of what I do is considered proprietary or confidential, and my clients prefer my behind-the-curtain involvement not be known. I don’t get the byline or the credit. And that is absolutely OK with me. The […]

Will AI take this joy away?

I’ve experimented with AI. It’s impressive. And I know we need to embrace technology and take advantage of its efficiencies…. Or do we? I say we take a pause. Even rewind. Why are we assigning bots all the fun? I love writing. I want my grandkids to love writing. I say we get the bots […]

Pack Lighter, Write Better

I just relocated from the southeast side of Cleveland to the Hilton Head area of South Carolina after decades of Ohio consumption. Ugh. As hard as I tried, as much as I kept purging, I still had far too much to pack, unpack, force-fit and make sense of. Of course, the whole experience makes me […]