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Beth Hallisy is one of the most talented freelance writers we have worked with. She has been creating case studies for UPMC International (one of the largest integrated healthcare systems in the U.S.) since early 2014, highlighting our most important commercial and overseas projects. She also wrote and managed an annual report for the UPMC Cancer Institute and wrote several issues of a regional newsletter. Beth is easy to work with; she understands and can translate the scientific, clinical, financial and operational issues quickly; and she can convey the medical, economic and scientific value each product brings to a population. I highly recommend Beth for your consideration.”

Charles Bogosta
President, International and Commercial Services Division

“Beth Hallisy: The consummate professional, class act, sharp, strategic thinker, writer and counselor. When a situation is complex and looks like 3-D chess, you want Beth at your side.”

Bruce Hennes
Partner, Hennes Communications, a Crisis Management Firm

“I can say confidently, Beth is a complete talent. Beth created and wrote our corporate brochure, which is visual, clever and has helped us grow tremendously over the past four years. We have doubled our sales and engagements and much of that comes from how Beth helped us present our company in electronic and hard copy form.

On another level, one of our shared clients asked Beth to create a number of case studies. That demonstrated to me still further that Beth is a clear and compelling storyteller. We used the case studies she developed to help this client present the depth and breadth of their capabilities across the globe.

Now if that was all I could say about Beth, it would suffice. But in addition to her creative talent, she is easy and delightful to work with. She is fun, professional and can manage projects well and on time. Once you work with Beth, she will spoil you and set the bar where we all want it to be. I highly recommend Beth. The work she does makes us a better company. We are looking forward to engaging her to write our next book.”

John Vautier, President
Vautier Communications

“I’ve had the pleasure working with Beth for 20+ years. A brilliant communications strategist and a great storyteller. In a world where the idea of Content Marketing is a new thing, Beth has always been in the business of crafting content that invites audiences into a conversation and provides real value.

She is certainly one of my favorite people in the business.”

Mark Bachmann, Partner, Chief Client Officer
Marcus Thomas LLC

“One of the big reasons the content we made this year was so successful was because of a freelance writer that we worked with named Beth Hallisy.  Every assignment we gave her she researched and wrote flawlessly with the right physician audience in mind. She just got this assignment. When we handed her messy incoherent ramblings of notes, she researched them, and then wrote about them in a way that would be relevant as news to busy clinicians. We were wowed!

When you find a gem of a talent like Beth, it’s just too good to keep to yourself so you have to share it! So, I wanted to pass along her info …

Jamie H., Health Care VP (Agency policy does not permit public endorsements)

“I have had the pleasure to work with this woman. Professional, observant, creative, Beth has a great sense of the client’s needs and assets required to fulfill those needs. Although being used to working with very large and well supported organizations, she went right to the core or our small organization’s problems and gave us a first class game plan. We got a Lexus for the cost of a Subaru. I and my fellow Board members highly recommend Beth.”

Chandler Everett, President
Central School of Practical Nursing

“I have known Beth for many years and had the privilege of working with her on behalf of the Ohio Oil & Gas Association. Beth coordinated a complex media campaign in support of recently enacted legislation. Her communication skills in both verbal and written form are excellent. I would recommend Beth for any marketing/PR/media engagement that you may be considering.”

Joel Rudicil, President
Bass Energy and Ohio Oil & Gas Association

“The first piece of Beth’s writing I ever read was her draft of a speech for a CEO. My immediate reaction: Watch and learn, because this is how it’s done. Years later, I still remember that speech. By itself, Beth’s skill with words is more than enough to recommend her. But she is also the complete PR pro. A thinker and doer, leader and mentor, she deserves the standing she holds in the field. For potential clients considering Beth, know this: She brings a vast supply of knowledge, insight, and experience – as well as personal care – to every project, every challenge.”

Ken Kesegich, Management Supervisor
Marcus Thomas LLC

“I’ve worked with Beth over the years beginning with my role at Olympic Steel and since then in other companies. Beth has many great ideas and can execute converting them into real substance. I would have no reservations in recommending her writing ability and her creativity.”

R. Louis Schneeberger
Former CFO, Olympic Steel
Former member of leadership team of MacroPoint, sold to Descartes  

“I have known Beth for many years through PRSA, where she is well-respected and admired by her peers. More recently, I have had the pleasure of working with Beth on a number of client projects. She thinks strategically, offers good advice, and is an excellent writer. I am always comfortable recommending her to clients, because I know she will provide good counsel.”

Barbara (Neuner) Paynter, APR, Fellow PRSA
President, Paynter Communications

Beth was tough on the new kids. I know this because there was a time when I was the new kid. She was also extremely encouraging and thoughtful. Even if she completely “bled” over something you had written, it was all in the name of making the work better. And you better. She’s still one of my favorite writing partners. I bet she’ll suggest some edits to this recommendation.”

Roger Frank
Managing Partner/Creative Director at Little Jacket

“Beth and I worked on a website project during my time as Mayor of the City of Aurora. Beth was hired as a consultant and took the lead to develop this web page for the City of Aurora with the objective of profiling the capabilities and services of the Economic Development Department. Beth’s guidance ensured that a project strategy was established and that the required objectives and priorities were in place. Her successful leadership style guaranteed that the project timelines were met and that budget standards were satisfied. Her skills were reflected in her understanding of the value of process. In addition, her creative skills and ability to get the job one were evident in the finished product.”

Jim Fisher
Mayor at City of Aurora, OH

“I worked with Beth for more than a decade and consider her a mentor and friend. She’s a critical thinker, creative strategist and talented writer. She brings a ton of energy and passion to her work and motivates others to do their best. Beth is always focused on solving the business and communication challenges and works tirelessly to deliver results.”

Michele Ewing, APR, Fellow PRSA
Associate Professor at Kent State University

“Beth is smart, saavy and a credit to the profession. When she joined Marcus Thomas, she turned a sleepy PR group of two (that would be the two of us) into an ever-expanding powerhouse of pros who understand what it means to create results for clients. My years working for her were some of the best of my career, with learning experiences that still guide me to this day.”

Polly Ryder, Associate,

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