For Real, What Should You Pay a Professional Writer?

When I shop online for shoes, clothes, electronics … even hotels or housewares … I select the filters that allow me to look at the most expensive items first. I typically want to know what the best in the category looks like. Once I do that, I may attempt to do a little comparative shopping […]

Kids’ Writing Camp…Anyone?

Loved this piece in the Trib yesterday. It’s calling me to start a children’s story telling camp or writing workshop of some type. But would anyone choose writing over fishing or baseball or soccer? I could incorporate art, photography, hikes, and so much more. Parents, please provide some insight. What age would be best? How […]

Why I Went Dark

a) I got busy. b) My life went un-postable. c) None of your business. d) None of the above. Point is, it doesn’t matter. I’m going on record: I disagree with the “best practice” of having to blog on a regular, “at least twice weekly” schedule. I get that I can lose my following if […]