Looking for Women 95 Years or Older

I’m interested in developing a collection of short stories that profile “everyday” centenarian women—from their own point of view. The working title: What 100 Years’ Experience Teaches A Woman. I envision each very candid story capturing the individual personality of each woman interviewee and some aspect of her life experience. Potentially, I will add contextual history as appropriate. I also intend to include a short but provocative “pearls of wisdom” (Q&A) section following each woman’s story.

Honesty will be most important so I won’t know exactly what direction the stories will take until after I complete the interviews. I will explore serious topics—such as family, work, aging, sex, religion, marriage, war, politics, gender, race, death, news, sports, changing role of women, beauty, health and fitness, values, etc.—but also hope to be playful when appropriate. This will not in any way take the form a “woman’s cause” project.

I hope the result will be thought provoking and inspiring for next generations of women (and men). I want to tell each story with complete candor and with the utmost respect for each interviewee.

Can you help?

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